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Experience and focus are everything
when projects must be delivered on time ..

"Do you


   in a better

  Business? "

I take tasks within project and program management, strategic advisory services in IT, software and web development.


The following list are skills which I supply. If you do not find, what you are seeking, please contact me and I will do what I can to help you.

Project Management




Project management from start to finish: A major development project is not part of the everyday aspect for many companies. I can help with all phases of the project from concept to deployment including specification, supplier selection, implementation, testing and delivery.

Taskforce management on projects i crises




Timetables progress, budgets are exceeded, the supervisor leaves the company etc.

I can go in and take control of the project on customer or supplier side. Prepare a status of the project and a plan for completion commitment based input from all participants in the project. The revised plan negotiated with project partners and implemented.

Change Management




I can help you to ensure that major changes are implemented in an orderly, controlled and systematic way.





Got a project that requires a fresh look? Are there challenges with starting a project? Do you have difficulty getting througth with the project? Has the track disappeared?

I can help you to get back on track again.

IT courses




A focused IT course is quickly paid back to the company again. I teach the entire company, departments, or individuals.Nothing is too big or too small for me.

The IT courses addressed to suit the specific scenarios, employees work with in everyday. Thus the new knowledge can be applied directly after the course.

I will help you, if you need any IT training consultancy. Simply contact me and I will give you an unbiased advice on what you should look for on your next IT course.